“Reverse engineering, quality improvement and software documentation tools”

Imagix Corporation :

Imagix products are used for reverse-engineering, quality analysis and documentation of software in applications ranging from deep space communication and air traffic control systems, to billing and management information systems, to safety critical automotive systems, communication devices and medical instrumentation.

Commercial customers include such leading global companies as General Dynamics, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Intel, Nissan, and Siemens. Our tools are also used by numerous U.S. governmental agencies, such as the FAA, JPL, NASA and Sandia National Lab.

Product : Imagix 4D

Imagix 4D helps software developers comprehend complex or legacy C, C++ and Java source code. By using Imagix 4D to reverse engineer and analyze your code, you’re able to speed your development, enhancement, reuse, and testing. Eliminate bugs due to faulty understanding. Get new hires on board faster. Spend time engineering, not reading through code.

A comprehensive source code analysis tool, Imagix 4D enables you to rapidly check or systematically study your software on any level — from its high level architecture to the details of its build, class and function dependencies. You can visually explore a wide range of aspects about your software – control structures, data usage, and inheritance. All based on Imagix 4D’s precise static analysis of your source code.

You’re able to find and focus on the relevant portions of your source code through Imagix 4D’s querying capabilities. Automated analysis, database lookups, and graphical querying all sift through the mountains of data inherent in your source code so you examine the structural and dependency info you’re interested in. Quickly and accurately.

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