Timing analysis and optimization for real-time system design and verification 


Symtavision, the global leader for timing design and timing verification for embedded real-time systems, has launched SymTA/S 3.2, its market-leading system-level tool suite for planning, optimizing and verifying embedded real-time systems. SymTA/S now features System-level Distribution Analysis and AUTOSAR 4.x support. TraceAnalyzer 3.2 now includes scripting support and can be fully integrated with SymTA/S.

The new System-Level Distribution Analysis in SymTA/S 3.2 covers entire systems and gives users the ability to undertake Typical Case analysis where communication paths are not safety critical. As an intermediate analytical step between load analysis and worst-case analysis, it provides further scalability to the timing-design and timing-verification capabilities in SymTA/S. The new System Distribution framework on which it is built also facilitates the rapid development of custom analyses for new technologies. Furthermore, full control over time-triggered and event-triggered activation chains is provided, as is support for system-wide Gantt charts.

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Trace Analysis



SymTA/S is Symtavision’s model-based solution for timing design, performance optimization and timing verification. SymTA/S targets mission-, safety- and performance-critical real-time systems in automotive, aerospace and other embedded markets. SymTA/S provides:

  • Worst-Case scheduling analysis: reliable timing bounds independent of test coverage
  • Distribution analysis: timing statistics and probability of deadline violations
  • Scenario analysis: timing analysis based on specific input sequences and existing traces

SymTA/S provides an efficient and consistent timing perspective at the right levels of abstraction for planning, implementation, and verification of control units, networks and distributed real-time systems

PDF  Symtavision SymTA/S 3.0


Symtavision’s TraceAnalyzer enables engineers to visualize and analyze the timing of controllers and buses, find the cause of timing problems and create timing models for SymTA/S.

TraceAnalyzer provides:

  • Trace visualization: import timing traces and  visualize them as easy-to-understand Gantt-charts
  • Trace analysis: identify timing errors and  generate load and timing overviews and  statistics
  • SymTA/S model generation: extract relevant timing properties from traces for further processing in SymTA/S

TraceAnalyzer integrates seamlessly with Symtavision’s SymTA/S through a common data model and Eclipse-based GUI.

PDF Symtavision TraceAnalyzer 3.0