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Embedded UML Studio II

Embedded UML Studio™ from Willert Software Tools is a highly integrated UML solution specially designed for the development of embedded real-time systems.

Based on 5 years of experience in development of UML solutions, specialised for use in Embedded Software Engineering, we have responded to the market needs.
The answer is Embedded UML Studio II™. The basis for this remains and is provided by the market-leading technology the UML tool Rhapsody® supplied by IBM® Rational®. This technology is enhanced by adding the proven RT Framework from Willert.

The outcome is an UML-based engineering-environment at a low price, which provides everything for a successful development of embedded software.

It consists of the following tools:

  • Rhapsody® from IBM ® Rational®
  • Embedded UML RXF (Realtime eXecution Framework) from Willert Software Tools

This unique UML solution facilitates the use of UML in even the smallest embedded applications.
Sophisticated software engineering results in a visible increase in efficiency and productivity, substantial cost and time savings as well as enhanced software quality.

Holistic software development, from requirements to testing:

  • Requirements
  • Modeling / Design
  • Automatic code generation
  • Online / offline simulation
  • Test and debugging
  • Reverse engineering
  • Automatic document generation


Embedded UML RXF

Embedded UML RXF™ (Real-time eXecution Framework) from Willert Software Tools is the interface between a UML model and the target platform. It facilitates the use  of UML in connection with code generation for even small target platforms. RXF  speeds up Rhapsody® generated code by a factor of 10 and drastically reduces  the size of executable code. For the use of RXF in connection with an RTOS,  Willert OO-RTX™ offers maximum performance and minimized consumption of  resources.

- UML for even the smallest embedded applications
- Visible increase in efficiency and productivity


Embedded UML Target Debugger

The Willert Software Tools Product “Embedded UML Target Debugger” has won the “Embedded Award 2012 on the “Embedded World 2012” Fair in Nürnberg. The Product enables the debugging of UML Models by extracting UML Diagrams from a running target system. These diagrams, Sequence diagrams and Timing diagrams support developers in testing and debugging applications that are generated from UML Models. The Embedded UML Target Debugger extracts the necessary target information with the help of a monitor that is built in the Willert Software Tools UML Framework. In that way the running target’s real-time behavior is not influenced.

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