CoventorWare is an integrated suite of design and simulation software that has the accuracy, capacity, and speed to address real-world MEMS designs. The suite is filled with MEMS-specific features for accurately and efficiently simulating all types of MEMS, including inertial sensors (accelerometers and gyros), microphones, pressure sensors, resonators, and actuators. The included field solvers provide comprehensive coverage of MEMS-specific multi-physics, such as electrostatics, electro-mechanics, piezoelectric, piezoresistive, and damping effects.


2-D layout and 3-D modeling for MEMS Coventor’s DESIGNER is an efficient front-end design tool for creating models of MEMS devices. It combines a fully functional 2-D mask layout program, process editor, materials properties database, and a preprocessor module for 3-D model generation and viewing. The models can be used for export to FEM/BEM simulation verification, while the 2-D files can be exported for mask set foundry processing.


  • Creates manufacturable MEMS devices and systems efficiently
  • Generates 3-D models automatically
  • Supports many import and export formats for compatibility with Coventor and third-party tools
  • Works with ARCHITECT and ANALYZER to provide complete design environment: high-level models extracted into layout form can be simulated and verified with FEM/BEM techniques
  • Includes process editor and material properties database for complete MEMS definition
  • Stores foundry content from design handbooks including example process descriptions of MPW-runs and example DRC and DRC

Complete mask can be created in DESIGNER


  • 2-D layouts created, imported, generated, or exported.
  • Material properties database to store characteristics of the materials used in the fabrication process. Properties may be specified as scalars, polynomials, or in table format. The database is is shared by other Coventor software.
  • Process editor allowing real foundry steps to be emulated, including etching through multiple layers and partial backside etching. The process editor is used in 3-D model creation and in creation of layouts from high-level circuit schematics.
  • 3-D models automatically created from a 2-D description and process information and viewed in Preprocessor 2D Layout.
  • Optional 3-D meshes can be created in the Preprocessor using separate meshing software that automatically meshes FEM and BEM volumes and surfaces and interactively names faces and conductors for simulation in ANALYZER or third-party software.

ANALYZER is Coventor’s extensive suite of 3D field solvers designed specifically for MEMS applications. ANALYZER gives you the ability to analyze and simulate the behavior of MEMS devices that are subject to multiple physical effects.


  • Industry-leading suite of MEMS-specific field solvers for electrostatic, structural, thermal, piezoelectric, piezoresistive, damping, electro magnetic, optical, and micro fluidic analyses.
  • Offers best-in-class coupled physics solver for electromechanical analysis.
  • Includes powerfull pre- and post-processing with automatic mesh generation, result queries and 3-D result visualization.
  • Provides unified access to all solvers in an easy-to use graphical user interface that reduces training time and automates model and result management and tracking.
Analyser Analyzer
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