A unique software tool for modeling semiconductor and MEMS process sequences in 3D.
We call this Virtual Fabrication.


Applicable to any process

  • CMOS (FEOL and BEOL)
  • DRAM, SRAM and Flash memory
  • Image sensors
  • Hard drive read/write heads
  • MEMS, MEMS on CMOS, etc.


“IBM uses Coventor’s SEMulator3D to emulate advanced FEOL, MOL and BEOL integrated processes, with specific attention to 22nm technology and beyond. With this capability, our visibility into the full technology implication of process selections and changes has been improved. SEMulator3D has helped IBM predict problems that otherwise would only have been found by subsequent testing and physical failure analysis.”
– David Fried, 22nm Chief Technologist at IBM


  • Captures the entire process sequence, not just a few selected steps like TCAD tools
  • Proven ability to predict defect modes, saving time and money
  • Fast, easy verification of any device type or device variation

SEMulator3D  Geometry Export


Application Focus

Visualization Prediction
Application Process Documentation Process Development
Failure Analysis Design Verification
Communication Physical Modeling
Manufacturability Analysis



32nm FinFET SRAM cell