EMIStream is an EMI suppression support tool developed by NEC that can decrease undesirable  EMI generated from PCB at an early design stage. EMI Design Rule Check scans your board  against 13 rules and lists errors in order of priority allowing time efficient noise  countermeasures. Power Plane Resonance Analysis shows you the hot spots on the board  enabling optimized capacitor placement to reduce resonance.
Major electronics manufacturers worldwide including NASA are using EMIStream to significantly decrease time and cost spent on the design and evaluation process

Product Lineup

EMI Stream

13 Rule Check Items

Return Current Path Discontinuity Check
Reference Change
Return Current Path Discontinuity
Traces Near Plane Edge
SG Trace
SG Via Spacing

Power Plane Check
Grounding Vias Along Plane Outline
Decoupling Capacitor

Trace Check
Trace Length
Via Count
Estimated Radiation
Differential Signal

Plane Resonance Analysis

EMI Stream


EMI increases if resonance occurs between the power/ground planes. The Plane Resonance Analysis Function takes into account plane shapes, capacitors, and distance between the power/ground planes to analyze resonance based on the PEEC (Partial Element Equivalent Circuit) method.

Far Field EMI Calculation

EMI Stream

Far Field EMI is calculated by plane edge voltage (one pair of ground and power). It will display far field horizontal/vertical frequency characteristics and azimuth pattern. You can adjust calculation environment such as the position of the PCB on the turn table, distance to antenna, and antenna height.
You can analyze multiple layers at a time. Not only will you be able to reduce resoancne by changing capacitor placement, now EMIStream will allow you take via placement into account and change/add location as needed.

Multi-layer Resoance Analysis

EMI Stream