PI Stream By the trend of IC development, IC operates more speedy at the lower voltage and it causes noise problems.  PIStream is a power integrity design tool for PCB that will help meet your target impedance and reduce transfer impedance. Use PIStream to achieve target impedance by adding/moving capacitors, plane shapes, and Power/GND plane distances. Transfer Impedance Analysis function helps reduce noise propagation between aggressor IC and victim IC. Graphic-based PIStream is easy to use and offers speedy analysis.Get PIStream to improve power integrity and save time and money.

Goal Of PIStream

The cause of noise problem is not only EMI and SI problems!

Keeping input inpedance below target impedance and stibulizing voltage fluctuation around agressor and victim IC allows you to solve noize problem faster.

If you could satisfy target impedance at design stage, you will be able to see following advantages.

  • Quality Improvement
  • Cost Effective
  • Quick Time to Market

PI Stream PI Stream
PI Stream PI Stream