FTD Infocom Training Catalogue 2014


FTD Infocom is one of the leading providers in technology training from past 13 yrs, with client’s base of more than   50 premium customers; our training offerings are on specific technology. We help in skill enhancement needed in implementing state of the art projects in the areas of VLSI, Embedded Systems and Wireless. Our focus is primarily on enhancing the competence levels of Corporations and Individuals seeking hardware, software, system design skills.


Mind Share
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The technology training is listed below:

Sl.No Mindshare Courses
1. Storage Technology
1.1 SAS
1.2 Serial ATA
2. High Speed Design
2.1 High Speed Design
3. Wireless Technology
3.1 Bluetooth Wireless Product Development
4. Surface Mount Technology
4.1 SMT Manufacturing
4.2 SMT Testing
5. Intel Architecture
5.1 Intel Nehalem Processor
5.2 Intel Core 2 Processor (Penryn)
5.3 Intel Atom Processor
5.4 Intel 32/64bit x86 Architecture
5.5 Intel Quick Path Interconnect (QPI)
5.6 Computer Architecture with Intel chipsets
6. AMD Architecture
6.1 AMD Opteron Processor (Barcelona)
6.2 AMD 32/64bit x86 Architecture
7. x86 Programming
7.1 x86 Architecture Programming
7.2 x86 Assembly Language Basics
8. Virtualization Technology
8.1 PC Virtualization
8.2 IO Virtualization (IOV)
9. IO Buses
9.1 PCI Express
9.2 USB 3.0
9.3 USB 2.0
9.4 Embedded USB 2.0 Workshop
9.5 PCI
9.6 PCIX
10. Memory Technology
10.1 Modern DRAM Architecture
Sl.No Embedded and Other Courses
1.1 Symbian OS Application Engine Development
1.2 Symbian OS Essentials
1.3 RTOS ( VxWorks or Flavors of Embedded Linux)
1.4 Device Drivers
1.5 Writing BSPs
1.6 Android
1.7 Linux Internals
1.8 WIN CE Internals and Drivers
1.9 PPC, MIPS and Other variants
1.10 DSP
1.11 Audio and Video Compression
1.12 Arm Overview of UML for Real Time Embeded Systems
1.13 Fundamentals of software development For RealTime Embeded Systems
1.14 OOAD for Embedded System using C++
1.15 Software Testing
1.16 Software Project Management
1.17 Software Engineering1 Day
1.18 Software Engineering2 Day
1.19 Software Engineering 5 Day
Sl.No Specialised Analog and Mixed Signal Courses
1 CMOS Technology & Building block
2 Opamp Design
3 Switched capacitor circuits
4 Sigma Delta Converters
5 Analog filters for telecommunications
6 Analog to – Digital Data Converters Overview
7 Digital – to – Analog Data Converters Overview
8 Low Voltage Analog Design in CMOS Scaled Technology Length
Sl.No ARM Hardware Courses
1.1 ARM CortexA8 Hardware Design
1.2 ARM CortexA9 Hardware Design
1.3 ARM CortexA9 MPCore Hardware Design
1.4 ARM CortexM3 Hardware Design
1.5 ARM CortexR4 Hardware Design
1.6 ARM Hardware Design
1.7 ARM11 MPCore Hardware Design
1.8 ARM1136J(F)S Hardware Design
1.9 ARM1156T2(F)S Hardware Design
1.10 ARM1176JZ(F)S Hardware Design
1.11 ARM926EJS Hardware Design
1.12 ARM968ES Hardware Design
1.13 CortexA9 MPCore Optimized Macrocells (Osprey) Hardware Design
1.14 Designing with Core Sight
1.15 ARM Architecture Fundamentals
1.16 ARM CortexM3 System Design (HW & SW)
1.17 Developing with Mali GPU cores
Sl.No ARM Software Courses
1.1 ARM CortexA8 Software Development
1.2 ARM CortexA9 MPCore Software Training
1.3 ARM CortexA9 Software Development
1.4 ARM CortexM3 Software Design
1.5 ARM CortexR4 Software Development
1.6 ARM Embedded Software Optimization
1.7 ARM1136/76 Software Development
1.8 ARM7/9 Software Development
1.9 Modelling with ARM’s Fast Model Tools & Portfolio

For training enquiries, please contact

Baburaj Sudhakaran

Ph: +91 9739012235