Who We Are

FTD Infocom is a name that spells trust in itself. We are a Private incorporation established on the 3rd of March 2006. FTD Infocom is registered with the Registrar of Companies at Bangalore.

A leader in product development solutions, FTD Infocom has helped many companies grow. We offer a wide range of services and solutions such as MEMS Design, RTOS, Automotive, PCB Tools, Embedded, etc.

With our solutions, companies have been able to transform their processes and deliver products and services that are smart and well connected. We help individual functions within an organization reach their optimum productivity.

FTD Infocom has worked with many businesses around the world and helped them evolve rapidly. Those who have collaborated with FTD Infocom have found us to be the most professional and ethical business partners.

It is the company’s aim to provide the best and most comprehensive solution concept that helps the client company gain more productivity. FTD Infocom is well experienced in providing conceptual solutions in different domains.

We have a record of accomplishment of providing the right ideas at the right time with an affordable cost. This makes us ring a bell with our partners as they get the correct product development solution that can support their entire product lifecycle.

Sustainable growth of our company along with our collaborators makes us the most sought after product development solution company.

How We Help You Grow

We help and grow our clients with intricate planning and execution of sustainable ideas.

FTD Infocom keeps its focus on innovation, yet makes sure the plans work to improve your productivity. We help in:

  • ► Planning, management and analysis of the company product portfolio from initiation until the very end.
  • ► Collaboration of ideas that helps companies rise to the top.
  • ► Providing different ideas that sustain the solutions.
  • ► Creating paths that helps support the different components of a product process.
  • ► Providing broad-scoped initiatives and use of resources wisely
  • ► Providing highly skilled and efficient task force who can make smart decisions even under
    heavy pressure.

Plan your success with FTD Infocom. We will endorse ideas and solutions that help
your company grow with minimum risk in the product development process to worry about.