IAR systems is one of the leading software tools for programming embedded systems. More than 14,000 corporations have been using IAR systems to develop new competitive products in the areas of industrial automation, consumer electronics, telecommunication, automotive products, medical devices etc.

IAR Embedded workbench provides an integrated development environment to ensure uninterrupted workflow. A single toolbox designed to create, edit, compile and debug programs to get smaller, smarter and faster codes with shortest possible execution times, making it the best choice for developing low-power applications. From small to large organizations, engineers developing a range of complex control systems use IAR Systems.

IAR Embedded Workbench

IAR Embedded Workbench is a high-performance C/C++ compiler and debugger tool suite for applications based on 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microcontrollers, including virtually the entire range of Renesas MCUs. It incorporates a compiler, an assembler, a linker and a debugger into one integrated development environment. IAR Embedded Workbench provides fully integrated debug support for Renesas debuggers, as well as third party debuggers, ensuring access to a powerful development environment.

Most products include OS-aware debug plug-ins and MISRA C checker as standard, and can be further extended with fully integrated state machine tools, and other software products.

IAR Embedded Workbench for RX is enabled with IAR Systems' innovative power debugging technology and features power profiling and power visualization.


Architectures supported by IAR



  • Leading optimization technology creates smaller, faster, smarter code
  • Comprehensive debugging functionality
  • Static and runtime analysis  available through add-ons
  • Power debugging for minimized power consumption
  • Certified for software development according to IEC 61508, ISO 26262, EN 50128


Functional safety is one of the most important features in many embedded systems today, especially within sectors such as automotive, industrial automation and medical. High-integrity standards frequently require you to provide extensive justification for selecting a particular development tool, unless the tool is already certified. The proof of compliance for the tools increases cost and time of development.


What’s your state of security? Wherever you are today, you can take measures to make the security of your product more straightforward, scalable and sustainable.

Embedded Trust

Complete, streamlined security configuration

Embedded Trust is a security development environment providing streamlined security development. The environment leverages the secure hardware built into next-generation microcontrollers to provide the low-level trust anchors and secure services needed for trustworthy IoT solutions

  • Integrated identity and certificate management
  • Scalable Secure Boot Manager
  • Secure deployment with integrated manufacturing mastering
  • Release management with versioning and update infrastructure


Adding security functions to IAR Embedded Workbench

With C-Trust, you extend the capabilities of IAR Embedded Workbench to enable secure mastering based on a Security Context that is created by an Embedded Trust user, or by using a pre-defined Security Context Profile.


Debugging and Trace Probes


I-jet provides a fast debugging platform via JTAG and SWD/SWO. It can measure target power consumption with a high degree of accuracy and enables Power debugging in IAR Embedded Workbench. I-jet supports all Arm and Arm Cortex cores. I-jet is also available for RISC-V.

  • Supports Arm7/Arm9/Arm11 and Arm Cortex-A/R/M cores
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 interface (480Mbps)
  • No power supply required, powered entirely by the USB port
  • Target power of up to 400mA can be supplied from I-jet with overload protection
  • Target power consumption can be measured with ~200µA resolution at 200kHz
  • JTAG and Serial Wire Debug (SWD) clocks up to 32MHz (no limit on the MCU clock speed)
  • Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) with UART and Manchester encoding
  • Support for SWO speeds of up to 60MHz
  • Download speed of up to 1MByte/sec
  • Automatic core recognition
  • Support for multiple JTAG devices with automatic chain detection and graphical display
  • Support for JTAG adaptive clocking (RTCK)
  • Automatic JTAG/SWD detection
  • JTAG voltage measurement and monitoring
  • Supports target voltage range from 1.65V to 5V
  • Support for Micro Trace Buffer (MTB) for ARM Cortex-M0+
  • CE/RoHS compliant

I-Jet Trace

for Cortex M

I-jet Trace for Arm Cortex-M provides extensive debugging and trace functionality. It delivers large trace memory capacities and high-speed communication via SuperSpeed USB 3.0. I-jet Trace is equipped with Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) trace, supporting all Cortex-M devices with ETM.