EMI Stream

EMI Stream

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Below are the key functions of EMIStream;

Error Filtering Function

This function allows you to filter deviations and inaccuracies and pay attention to critical problems relevant to your design. You can select certain rules of your choice from the Design Rule list and lessen the frequency range (of the nets). The Error Point list is formulated by several error points which also deliver the frequency range columns. These frequency and error point ranges are customizable.

EMI Check Report Function

EMI Check results can be exported as an HTML format. It shows you the inconsistencies, location on PCB, and solutions to fix the problem. This will be a boon while sharing outcomes with team members or an outsourcing design bureau.
You can modify comments and customize the report as per your specific requirements.

Estimated Radiation Value Graph Display

Frequency spectrum chart displays the estimated radiated electromagnetic field. It allows a quick exhibit of the problematic frequency range. The Expert Option will allow you to set IC rise time and damping/termination resistor value for individual nets and override the global value that is set in the parameter. This results in more accurate results as you can mention specific parameters for nets.

Power/ Ground Resonance Analysis

EMI is more if resonance takes place between the power/ground. The Power/ Ground Resonance Analysis Function considers various factors like plane shapes, capacitors, and the distance between the power/ground planes to judge resonance based on the PEEC (Partial Element Equivalent Circuit) method.

Far Field EMI Calculation

Far Field EMI is calculated by plane edge voltage (one pair of ground and power). It will demonstrate far field horizontal/vertical frequency features and azimuth pattern. You can adjust the distance to antenna, position of the PCB on the turn table, antenna height and similar factors of the calculation environment.

Multi-layer Resonance Analysis

Multiple layers can be analysed at a time. This will help you to reduce resonance by changing capacitor placement as well as enable you to take via placement into account and change/add location as required.