LDRA rules

LDRA rules

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  • Standards
  • Fault detection
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • User specific standards
  • Industry specific standards

It enhances the visibility for security vulnerabilities and software standard compliance. LDRArules offers transparency in the source code by enabling developers, teams and managers as a whole to memory management, monitor the compliance standards and other security related vulnerabilities. These measures as a whole help to quickly report and analyse the project data to developers, managers and testers. This information creates a seamless development approach where in the teams can spontaneously identify flaws in the code, build the development cycle faster at reduced cost.

Using LDRArules you can carry out next-generation reporting capabilities that show code quality, fault detection as well as avoidance measures. The tool offers a comprehensive Ada, Java, C/C++ coding standards enforcement with a competitive advantage. The representative list includes;

  • Company developed standards
  • SAMATE Reference Dataset (SRD)
  • MISRA® is a registered trademark of MIRA Ltd
  • CERT C/CERT J secure coding standard
  • JPL (The Power of 10)
  • Henricson/Nyquist Industrial Strength C++
  • MISRA-C:1998
  • Sutter Exceptional and More Exceptional
  • Ravenscar Profile
  • MISRA-C:2004
  • Meyers Effective C++ and Effective STL
  • GJB (Chinese Military Standard)
  • MISRA C++:2008
  • HIS (Hersteller Initiative Software)
  • CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration)
  • Ellemtel
  • C++ and C++ Coding Standards
  • SPARK Ada Subset


To get more information please visit the official website: http://ldra.com/en/ldrarules