FTD Infocom

A leader in product development solutions, FTD Infocom has helped many companies grow. We offer a wide range of services and solutions such as MEMS Design, RTOS, Automotive, PCB Tools, Embedded, etc.

With our solutions, companies have been able to transform their processes and deliver products and services that are smart and well connected. We help individual functions within an organization reach their optimum productivity.

FTD Infocom has worked with many businesses across the country.

Those who have collaborated with FTD Infocom have found us to be the most professional and ethical business partners.

Our Product development Software solutions are complemented by our training services and Product prototyping services and Manpower…


How We Help You...

We help in

Understanding your requirements and suggest a toolchain for you to adopt. We have the entire tool chain for Embedded development, IC DESIGN, Mechanical design and a host of Multi-Physics tools

We can help in prototyping your ideas, we have a wide variety of expertise in firmware development, Mechanical Design, PCB Design, CFD Analysis and other associated areas.

This helps you to focus on your core areas and use our expertise on other domains.

We help in Creating paths that support the different components of a product process.

Providing broad-scoped initiatives and use of resources wisely.

Providing highly skilled and efficient task force.

Our customers range from

The Space Labs to EV startups

Tool Manufacturers to Medical Electronics companies

IOT developers to Marine engineering companies