A leader in product development solutions, FTD Infocom has helped many
companies grow. We offer a wide range of services and solutions such as MEMS
Design, RTOS, Automotive, PCB Tools, Embedded, etc.

With our solutions, companies have been able to transform their processes and deliver products and services that are smart and well connected. We help individual functions within an organization reach their optimum productivity.

  • Planning
  • Collabaration
  • Smart Decision



MEMS SERVICES- Integrated Photonics & Virtual Prototyping

FTDIPL is now offering MEMS engineering services. Our focus is to help customers achieve improved efficiency, reduced costs and have more options. We are a company with more than decade’s experience in MEMS Engineering, we understand the challenges posted by various elements of physics, material science, electronics and so on.

FTDIPL helps you catalyze your innovation by deploying a very talented professional team of engineers who are also trained in optimal usage of sophisticated software tools. This dual advantage will help you derive great benefits.

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