Opcenter Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Optimizing production planning and scheduling with our advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software family of products ensures efficient production, minimizes downtime and improves customer service.

Why Opcenter APS?

Opcenter APS software can be used for long-term strategic planning (months and years), medium-term tactical planning (weeks), and for detailed sequencing and scheduling.



Detect bottlenecks, reduce setup time. Increase machines and tools utilization. Reduce work in progress.



Reduce waste. Easily identify shortages. Optimize material flow and production synchronization.


On-time delivery

Increase availability and efficiency. Reduce lead time. Improve adherence to projections.


Leveraging Opcenter APS to increase productivity by 10 percent

NEO partners with Siemens to meet all production deadlines

NEOEP Engenharia de Producao LTDA

NEO seeks to create a new concept of consultancy in production engineering. Its work is based on the dual value of cutting-edge technology combined with human sensitivity, creative work and personalized and committed relationships. It believes in the power of simplicity and a hands-on consulting model that leads to deep and lasting relationships.

  • Headquarters: Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Products: Opcenter, Opcenter APS

The right solution for your stakeholders

Operations Managers

Accurate predictions help you meet production demand, keep low stock levels and high utilization. Flexibility helps you alter plans to fulfill last minute requests.


Quickly answer customer requests and keep clients happy without losing control of planning. Know how to balance and prioritize production capacity and constraints.


Keep control of costs and understand how planning changes impact efficiency and stocks. Understand how new assets and resources will influence production figures.