Opcenter RD&L

The Opcenter Research, Development and Laboratory (RD&L) family of software products streamlines, optimizes and aligns formulated product research and development, driving innovation efficiency and data management for consumer packaged goods (CPG).

Improve quality, safety and time-to-market in CPG

Weave a digital thread for formulated product research and development to bring new products to market faster without quality and safety risks.

Accelerate time to market

Simulate product performance through the digital twin of the formula and work on formulated product design in a digital environment.

Reduce complexity

Leverage a single, company-wide specification management repository that provides ready access and version control for all research and development activities.

Improve quality throughput

Close the quality loop from inbound to outbound with integrated lab management components working seamlessly together.

Accelerating smart, safe and sustainable innovation

Research, development, and laboratory benefits

Maintain a single source of truth

A single repository maintains up-to-date details about all raw materials, semi-finished goods, finished goods and packaging materials, leading to greater search efficiency for research and development activities and greater confidence that data is current and accurate.

Create a digital twin of formula

A virtual representation of a product’s formula and specifications, maintained in RD&L’s single data repository, enables product innovators to evaluate numerous modifications before moving to real-life trials of formulated product development.

Store data safely in an electronic lab notebook

Supporting electronic management of project-related data in a notebook structure offers a high level of flexibility and searchability, while also ensuring stringent data security for all CPG product development activities.

Ensure good manufacturing practices (GMP) compliance

The system oversees production sampling and testing, making certain that they are conducted in accordance with up-to-date good management practices (GMP) to satisfy the requirements of retail customers and regulatory agencies.

Enable compliant labeling

Leveraging the bill of materials (BOM) and all specification details, the system provides an automatic rollup of ingredients, nutrition, allergens and required information to ensure regulatory compliance for labeling.

Create integrated reports

The system automatically generates all required reports, including trends and charts regarding lab and product quality, and validates results against specifications.


Opcenter RD&L at Coopers Brewery

Coopers Brewery (Australia) focuses on producing high-quality beer with Opcenter RD&L software. Integrated laboratory information management (LIMS) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) help Coopers manage incoming raw materials, in-process product, and finished goods analysis to make sure the products they produce are right the first time, every time.