Percepio Tracealyzer

Percepio Tracealyzer reveals what is actually going on in embedded software at runtime.

Develop, Deploy and Run Critical Edge Software with Confidence

Get full observability into device software and make great products your customers will love and trust. Speed up development and ensure reliability in every situation.

Runtime insights over the product lifecycle

Real-time observability in development, testing and deployed operation of Edge, IoT and Embedded Software

Percepio® Tracealyzer® visualizes the runtime behavior and helps you solve elusive issues rapidly. Customers have reduced debugging time by 80% and doubled their development speed. Verify software timing and optimize performance. Develop faster and deliver with confidence.

Percepio® DevAlert® offers device-to-cloud issue tracking and remote debugging during testing and in deployment at scale. Feel confident that software issues are captured and solved rapidly. Ensure reliability in every situation for higher customer satisfaction and lower operational costs.

Simplify debugging

Capture traces of errors and anomalies, both in the lab and in the field. Powerful visualizations provide deep insights for rapid resolution.

Verify and optimize

Verify real-time requirements, avoid risks like stack overflow and memory leaks, and ensure the software runs efficiently on the selected processor.

Ensure reliability

Catch and solve elusive issues before they become a problem. Ensure deterministic software for stable performance and reliable testing.

Reduce costs

By spending less time on fault isolation, reproduction, and remediation, you lower your project and maintenance costs.

Grow your business

When your products always perform as expected, customers stay and help you grow your business by recommendations and positive reviews.

Focus on innovation

Take runtime anomalies out of the equation, and spend more time creating and deploying the cool products that customers love.

How it works

Requiring no special tracing hardware, you can monitor embedded C/C++ software with highly efficient software instrumentation that support tracing on any processor. Stream continuously over long time periods or keep the trace data in RAM until requested. Monitor devices in the field and capture snapshots to analyze errors and anomalies.

Benefits of Tracing

Software tracing combined with powerful visualization allows for unprecedented insight. Improve productivity and quality in your software development, reduce project risks and time-to-market.

Source code alone does not give the full picture of how multitasking software systems actually behave in run-time. The real-time behavior also depend on many other factors, like the timing of your tasks and interrupts, their interactions and inputs. With a sophisticated tracing tool like Tracealyzer, you get much better insight into the run-time world of your system and accelerate your development, debugging and validation.

To learn more about the challenges of designing and debugging multitasking embedded systems, we recommend reading this white paper.

Faster Troubleshooting

Percepio® Tracealyzer allows for capturing rare, sporadic errors which otherwise can be very hard to reproduce and analyze. Many embedded software problems can be solved in a fraction of the time otherwise required. Tracealyzer recording can be used in parallel with existing debuggers in the lab, or deployed in field systems to capture rare sporadic errors.

Better Software Quality

Tracealyzer is not only a “fire extinguisher” to use on specific hard problems. You can also discover and avoid potential future problems, such as blocking system calls that are close to a timeout. Moreover, Tracealyzer gives you a better understanding of the current system run-time dynamics, so when designing new features, you can avoid unsuitable designs that could cause problems related to timing, CPU usage, scheduling or other task interactions.

Better Performance

The improved insight also allows you to find new ways of improving the embedded software performance. There might be “low hanging fruits”, where small changes in task timing may give substantial performance improvements. Tracealyzer provides several ways of finding “hot-spots” where tasks are delayed by higher prioritized tasks, that possibly could run a bit earlier or later to reduce resource conflicts. Without suitable visualization, such optimizations are very hard to find. This way, you can get a more responsive software system, or fit more software functionality in the same hardware platform.

Control system tuning

Control system developers can benefit from the support for plotting custom application data, what we call user events. Plots of e.g. control signals (sensor inputs and actuator outputs) can be correlated with the software timing in order to better understand anomalies in the control performance. Moreover, plots of task timing (e.g., periodicity) can be used to study software timing variations that affects control performance.

Other benefits

The improved level of insight also allows for faster introduction of new developers and better possibilities to evaluate the performance of new third party software, such as embedded databases, touch screen drivers or communication stacks. Finally, since we support several common operating systems for embedded software, you can often keep the Tracealyzer support even if switching to another operating system.

Our Products

Percepio® is the leading provider of visual trace diagnostics for embedded and IoT software systems in development and in the field.


Percepio® Tracealyzer combines software tracing with powerful visualizations, allowing users to spot and analyze issues in software recordings during development and testing.


Percepio® DevAlert is a cloud-connected monitoring framework for OEMs developing RTOS device software, providing instant insight on bugs and anomalies.