SYSGO is the leading European provider of real-time operating systems for critical embedded applications  in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Embedded Technologies for a safe & secure connected Future

SYSGO is the leading European manufacturer of embedded software solutions. We offer outstanding solutions such as our highly Security- and Safety-certified real-time operating system PikeOS or our industrial-grade embedded Linux ELinOS.

We are the trusted European advisor supporting embedded developers worldwide with innovative solutions and straightforward technical support to build safe and secure applications since 1991.

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Wherever Safety & Security matters

As the leading European manufacturer of embedded operating systems, we drive innovations and create values for customers globally.

We understand complex market dynamics and anticipate trends that impact our customers' businesses.

Our maxim "Safe & Secure by Design" applies to the entire life cycle.

Avionics & Defense

PikeOS can be found in the civil Aviation and Defense industry. It copes with the major current challenges of embedded development. PikeOS allows to reduce weight, space, cabling and energy consumption and satisfies the need to reduce certification cost. Autonomous vehicles, vessels and drones can operate globally without the risk of injury and life of the operators. At the same time, such autonomous or remotely controlled systems are prime potential targets of cyber-attacks. As a consequence, Security becomes an important topic for Avionics. PikeOS is certified according to the DO-178C on the highest level as wells as compliant to concurrent regulatory security frameworks.

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Space Mission

Space systems have to be lean, yet highly responsive. Our technology can be used in systems that act autonomously, but can be also manually controlled and require robust partitioning and Security features. We provide means for controlling tasks, processing of mission data, secure communication of subsystems and between spacecraft and ground station with strong focus on failure Safety. Our hypervisor technology provides mechanisms to isolate partitions and still ensures real-time ability, so different levels of criticality may be executed at the same time – from a simple yet highly critical control task to a full ARINC 653 application.

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Both, in trains and in the railway signalling infrastructure, there is a trend to use COTS hardware as the computing elements and open network for communications. Usage of the COTS hardware and open network introduces security issues that directly affect the Safety of Railway operations. Due to the high criticality nature of Railway applications like ETCS or ATO there are strict standards that specify the methodology for the development and evaluation of systems for trains and infrastructure. PikeOS is the proven safe and secure embedded solutions for rolling stock and wayside communication and the first EN 50128 SIL 4 certified software solution on multi-core on the market.


In the wake of autonomous driving and connectivity, functional Safety and embedded Security are becoming the major aspects in software development. Although compliance with the established ISO-standard is still not mandatory by regulation, it is required by almost any vendor today. Manufacturers and OEM are increasingly using concepts which have been proven in the Aerospace industry. PikeOS is certified according to the strictest Safety standards such as ISO 26262 and is one of the first separation kernel-based hypervisor in series production.

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Industrial Automation

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have dramatically changed the way embedded industrial applications are designed. With batch sizes being reduced to as small as one, flexibility is of utmost importance. And while functional Safety has always been a top priority, embedded Security is becoming equally important given that all machinery is connected and there is a steady flow of data into cloud-based analytics.

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In the healthcare industry, intelligent Medical systems and devices do not only increase efficiency in hospital operations, but act as an enabler of entirely new concepts such as remote healthcare. As Medical systems become more mobile and portable, power consumption becomes a key consideration.

Given the critical nature of the applications, both Safety and Security are major concerns.

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Energy & EnvironmentReal

EnvironmentReal-time technology has a significant impact on energy and environmental sectors by enabling efficient monitoring, control, and optimization of energy-related operations. Systems enable real-time monitoring and control of energy plants, which ensures optimal usage and efficient energy production. Real-time energy management systems also help to reduce energy consumption and minimize waste. Moreover, real-time sensors and data analytics can improve environmental monitoring by providing accurate and up-to-date information on pollution levels, weather patterns, and other factors that impact the environment. PikeOS and ELinOS provide robust and reliable solutions for energy and environmental applications that require high performance, low latency, and deterministic behavior.

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SYSGO's range of products is built upon technologies that were developed to specifically solve real-word problems regarding Safety, Security and embedded computing in general. Over the years the techniques have evolved, been refined and grown mature to support modern hardware - from energy saving low power controllers to high performance multi-core flight displays. Without SYSGO's pioneering virtualization and real-time approach modern airliners and trains would not have been thinkable.