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Tri-Pacific Software, Inc. is the premier provider of real-time scheduling solutions to the software industry. The company meets the needs of real-time and embedded systems developers for building predictable applications with demanding timing, resource and schedulability needs. Tri-Pacific offers products in a variety of real-time, safety critical and embedded systems applications including automotive control, avionics, defense electronics, wireless and satellite communications, manufacturing and others. Tri-Pacific Software is making Real-Time a reality.


  • RAPID RMA — is a modeling and analysis tool suite based on a mathematically provable scheduling methodology that will ensure systems meet all of their deadlines, all of the time. Features include RT CORBA mapping capabilities, single and multi-processor environments and spare capacity calculations.
  • RAPID RMA for IBM Rational Rhapsody - Now validated by IBM Rational for its “Ready For Rational” Third Party tool integration program! Also awarded “Best Practices” for RapidRMA For Rhapsody 7.5 integration!
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    RapidRMA for Rhapsody adds real-time scheduling and performance analysis to object oriented design through timing annotations similar to OMG’s SPT and MARTE Profiles. This tool suite allows the user to capture the timing requirements for their system in a UML design and perform a schedulability analysis within the Rhapsody tool. Combining the Rate Monotonic Analysis (RMA) of RapidRMA™ with the visual modeling environment of Rhapsody, RapidRMA for IBM Rational Rhapsody allows real-time software developers to prevent costly design mistakes. and accelerate their development schedules.
  • NEW – IBM Rational Rhapsody Available Through TPSI and Distributors! Ask Today for “The Solution”.

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