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  • Modeling and Like Real-time Simulation
  • Rapid Control Prototyping
  • Code generation for the final target

EICASLaB suite offers Automatic Algorithm & Code Generation, management of multi-processor architectures as well as multi-level hierarchical controls, Hardware-in-the-loop, Rapid Control Prototyping, etc. Thus, all you need is one suite integrated with all these software.

The EICASLaB suite offers a horde of services integrated into just one suite such as Automatic Algorithm & Code Generation, Rapid Control Prototyping, supervision of multi-processor architectures and multi-level hierarchical controls, and Hardware-in-the-loop.

The advantages of using EICASLaB include but not limited to;

  • EICASLaB supports the automation of industrial development through robust tools for modelling plants, designing and testing embedded control system architectures.
  • Aids all the stages of the control design process, from system concept to generation of the code to be transferred to the final point.
  • It supports the automation of industrial processes for modeling plants, designing and testing embedded control system architectures.
  • Using EICASLaB will improve the performance of your machine and decrease the time-to-market along with tangible benefits in terms of costs.
  • EICASLaB takes you on a step-by-step tour in the control design process, offering a definite professional support for the following three work phases:
  • Aims to enhance your machine’s performance and shorten the time-to-market and provide genuine cost benefits.
  • Offers high quality performance without requiring an experimental field set-up.
  • EICASLaB teamed together with the EICAS control design methodology, having substantial fundamental base results in huge economies of scale.

Major features of EICASLaB include:

Deep mathematical knowledge not necessary

EICASLaB is very simple to use and does not need you to be a mathematical genius. The Automatic Algorithm Generation facility is especially envisaged to support the development of complex computations.

Reduce time to develop the control algorithm

EICASLaB offers functionalities and specific Automatic Algorithm Generation techniques, which reduce the time required to develop the control system, as compared to general control design techniques.

Reduce time and costs of the control design

EICASLaB provides tangible advantages in terms of costs/benefits and a shorter time to market and helps to improve the performance of your system

Design starting from plant datasheet

EICASLaB executes the control design beginning from the plant datasheet with reliable performance.

No set-up in field

EICASLaB grants the option to tune and assess the control performance, without the need of any field set-up.

Better focus by designers

EICASLaB aids designers to completely focus on engineering aspects of the project, like the sensor and actuator selection, the system architecture design etc.

Increased performance even in complex control cases

The breakthrough technology of EICASLaB provides improved performance as compared to that achieved using traditional control techniques.
Get more information related to EICASLaB on http://www.EICASLaB.com/The-Suite/What-is-EICASLaB.